Sunday, October 21, 2007

Runescape Clan Battle Arena Suggestion

Currently on RuneScape member worlds the wilderness is void of player versus player pking and mayhem. Jagex need to address this as many people do prefer to fight against other players but it is currently pointless due to the number of 1 itemers that swarm in and destroy any arranged battles.

One proposal is to have a Clan Battle Arena where a clan leader can challenge another clan leader and then agree set rules. The idea of a battle arena is not entirely new, however, Jagex have never really catered to clans and therefore this may only be a pipedream. Anyway, this is how I would like a clan battle arena to be implemented into RuneScape.

The battle arena would be located between the level 38 wilderness altar and the Forgotten Cemetary. Although this is a free to play area, the battle arena could possibly be made a member only feature - in effect, a player vs player minigame. It would not be a safe minigame and therefore items would be lost if pked.

The rules would be agreed by the clan leaders - this would include options such as melee only, melee + binds, range only, mage only as well as flat arena, obstacles or mixed. Combat levels could also be set (making it possible for events such as only people between levels 100 - 110 could take part), as well as maximum number of people on both sides. It could be set to allow only people of a certain rank on the clan leaders clan chat channel - and lootshare would also be enabled.

However, lootshare would be different. Instead of how it currently works, all armour/weapons would automatically be looted and stored in a reward chest. At the end of the war, the victorious leader would be able to unlock the chest and then every member who had been involved in the battle would randomly get some loot that had been stored.

This would make wars more common on pay to play worlds as well as making it free from any outside interferance. This is something that I feel would not imbalance the p2p wilderness as it is already void of most wars as it stands.

Anyway, this is just a rough outline of how I would see a clan battle arena being implemented in the runescape wilderness and how it would help ensure more p2p wilderness wars and challenges. In addition, it would mean less loot lost to 1 itemers and the so called no-honour clans who have virtually made p2p wilderness pking pretty pointless.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Wilderness Pking Poll

The current poll by Jagex on the main runescape site is focussed on multi-player actions. There are 3 types of multi-player action that Jagex are considering expanding within the game. The areas in the poll are:

  • Quests
  • Skills
  • Pking
Jagex are trying to figure out the view of the runescape community and whether or not more multi-player quests, skills or wilderness events (eg Team Pking) should be introduced.

It is a nice idea to think Jagex may be considering the role of runescape clans, although it does seem they consider groups of friends rather than clans. In this instance, clan support in runescape will not be any closer after the poll has finished.

In my view, there have been enough problems in the past trying to find quest partners and so I would be opposed to any multi-player quests being introduced. With regard to skills, it is likely Jagex considering new multi-player mini games that would help raise a specific skill and in that instance it would be ok. Although clans will gain from working together, it would depend on the number of people required whether it would be useful to groups of friends.

Finally, on the pking side of things, if enough people have voted in the opinion of Jagex, they may consider introducing multi-player pking events. This would likely have a direct affect on the wilderness and could take the form of additional group monsters or new locations whereby teams of players can fight each other under wilderness rules - last person standing wins kind of thing.

It does open the possibility of a battle arena within the wilderness and make it more useful to clans who could possibly organise tournaments, leagues and wars more easily without having to guard over the possibility of outside interferance.

I am optimistic on this poll and hopefully something worthwhile does eventually come about from it.

If you haven't voted and want multi-player activities within runescape then don't miss the opportunity to cast your vote now. Remember only members can vote.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

King Black Dragon Slaying

The King Black Dragon or KBD in runescape used to be the most feared monster in the game, however, Jagex have since introduced various other monsters such as the Kalphite Queen that could cause some serious harm to the KBD should they ever meet on the battlefield.

Nevertheless, many players still enjoy slaying the KBD regularly and hoping to reap the rewards. The lair is located in the runescape wilderness - although the actual fighting area is not classified as the wilderness.

The best drop rewards for the King Black Dragon are:

  • Dragon Medium Helm
  • Dragon Spear
  • Dragon Left Half Shield
There are four main spells that the KBD can attack with and they should be noted:
  • Fire Spell - Can hit damage into the 30's
  • Poison Spell - Damage range 4-10
  • Snow Spell - Can do damage up to 20
  • Weakening Spell - Can do up to 10 damage as well as lowering your stats
RuneCrypt has a decent KBD Slaying Guide and details a method for more effective dragon slaying. Overall, the rewards are not as sought after as they once were, but the King Black Dragon is still a decent foe in runescape and where small groups of friends can work together to overcome his power.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Runescape Wilderness Stealth

Stealth in the runescape wilderness is not commonly used by individuals, however, it can be employed to both gain the element of surprise on someone or to evade a group of people and hence protect items from being lost easily.

The runescape mini map normally displays your location for all to see, consequently, stealth is a task that is extremely difficult to master for an individual and many argue it has very few, if any, benefits to improving overall chances of survival in the wildy. It is true, it will only have a limited chance of helping, but it some locations it can give you the opportunity to evade people or to gain important information on numbers of people on a pk trip.

Stealth in the wilderness of runescape is normally utilised by clans whereby a PK Leader will have all people fallen in behind them and lead them around during a pk trip. It is strictly not stealth tactics that are being used as it is out in the open, although the stealth is employed in the sense that the true number of combatants get shielded from spys out to gather intelligence.

For individiual players who wish to benefit from using stealth tactics in the wilderness, they will need to rely on a lot of luck and being nearby to buildings. Generally they can hide themselves a bit if they can get right into the corners of buildings so their white dot on the map doesn't show clearly and gets mixed in with the white pixels of the building walls.

It may be a tactic best used by mage and rangers as opposed to melee based players, as melee players can only be effective in close combat. Consequently, many individuals who have scouts in the game will normally also choose to be range or mage... it gives them a little chance to take advantage of isolated people without being caught and gives them a decent opportuntity to gather up some intelligence on groups of people, or clans, who may happen to be wondering in the runescape wilderness.

Overall, runescape wilderness survival is normally down to circumstances other than stealth tactics as players who are out on pk trips will normally always be checking both the mini map and scanning the horizon for any signs of pixel movement.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Runescape Wilderness Survival Guide

The runescape wilderness is not a place for the weak minded or faint hearted. It is a place where survival is a luxury and not a guarantee. There are many highly experienced runescape pkers that have learned through time that everyone meets their match at some point.

Naturally, there are some tips that will help a player survive better in the wilderness, but will never guarantee to work 100% of the time. This runescape wilderness survival guide should be taken as a simple guide to improving player awareness so they do not make some stupid mistakes and meet an untimely end.

The guide is aimed at novice runescape players who may not have managed to explore much of the territory due to their own fears. It will not help people survive all the time - but it should make them more aware of what to expect.

  1. Hopping over the wilderness ditch will take you into a zone that other players will be able to attack you - as soon as you move. So before you step into the runescape wilderness ensure that you are prepared for a battle. Expect to lose any items you have with you and you will always minimise losses.
  2. The deeper the level of the runescape wilderness you explore, the higher the risk of being owned by other players. This means if you were in level 40 wilderness, players 40 levels higher or 40 levels lower could freely attack you. So always know what level of wilderness you are in and be able to take the correct course of action if you are looking to avoid conflict.
  3. The runescape wilderness has multiple different zones. Single zone areas and multi-person areas. In single zone areas you will fight other players 1 versus 1, while in multi-person areas it can be 10 or 20 people versus you. This is vital to understand, as even the best runescape pkers cannot withstand fighting odds of 20 to 1. In such circumstances the outcome is almost always fatal for the lonely warrior.
  4. The runescape wilderness is normally the domain of runescape clans. Knowing this, when you see 1 or 2 dots nearby, it may well be an organised clan out on a pk trip and it can quickly end in disaster if you get spotted.
  5. The combat triangle in runescape is made up of mage, melee and range. Failing to understand how this works in relation to player versus player battles will severely limit your survival chances. Many players will normally be hybrid and therefore able to attack you with different styles to gain the upper hand in the combat triangle.
Those 5 basic points will help give some understanding to players in runescape about the wilderness. I will add more points on a later post, but I do not want to make the overall posts too long so that they become unbearable to read.

In the future, I will hope to explore different wilderness locations and highlight the more dangerous areas that people may wish to avoid - if possible. In addition, I will examine some techniques used by players to avoid being pked in runescape as well as more detail on runescape pking in general. Some methods may be frowned on while others are readily accepted in the runescape clan community.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Runescape Wilderness Ditch

A Runescape ditch has been added to the wilderness that will have an impact on many players. Jagex have acted due to the widescale abuse of the system by players duping others into following them into the wild unaware. This normally resulted in vast virtual losses such as rare items like party hats or large sums of money.

Jagex have stated that there is a safe spot directly north of the newly introduced ditch, thereby enabling players to easily hop over the ditch and prepare themselves for any imminent battles. This will help ease the volume of complaints received by runescape customer support as players will not be able to unwillingly enter the wilderness. It is now solely in the hands of the player and it is their risk entirely.

The introduction of the wilderness ditch will obviously reduce the types of runescape scams in the wilderness, but it will not totally prevent them all. Specifically, it will address the follow-player scam and eradicate it effectively. However, other ingame wilderness scams still exist, such as people in low level wild asking to be attacked or people attempting to lure others in with the promise of valuable items as a reward.

Overall, I believe Jagex have acted in the interest of all honest runescape players as they were burdened with sufficient quantities of complaints from people who were duped into unwittingly entering the wilderness. At the same time, it will make it just a little bit more annoying for regular pkers that love to hover around the edge of the wild, although it can now enable players unfamiliar with the wild the opportunity to safely watch more experience pkers in action.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Runescape Macro or Bots

Runescape macro users are ruining the whole runescape economy through their automated actions. Jagex have banned several characters and will continue banning them when they catch them.

Personally I think it would be funny if Jagex introduced a new random event that was only used on suspected macro abusers. This random event would be triggered to appear whenever people reported a potential macro or bot abuser. Obviously it would be random and would appear with a multitude of sayings in order to combat any macro running.

This runescape macro anti-bot would have some consequences. To summarize the idea, the macro anti-bot detector would do the following:

  • Appear to players reported via the ingame report abuse
  • Randomly appear and ask players to input an answer
  • Answers would be obvious to any real person, but hard for a bot to detect
  • Each time the random event appeared to a user it would be a different question
  • If a player got the question wrong they would be teleport randomly
  • Best part, the teleport would be into deep wilderness
  • In addition, players would be frozen for up to 30 seconds
I feel if something like this was introduced and applied to people suspected of being a runescape macro, then players would soon stop trying to outfox the game. It would also bring some more fun back into the runescape wilderness as it could enable the cheats to be killed by any pkers that happen to be wandering nearby.

Obviously there is some potential for abuse of the system and Jagex would make exceptions initially, but in the long term they wouldn't as it is against another of their rules to falsely report someone. Overall, I feel this would bring some hilarity to everyone in the game apart from the runescape cheat that was intent on abusing the game.

Runescape members could be transported up to busy locations or almost to within range of the chaos elemental, whereas free to play people would be transported closer to the greater demons in the multi combat zone.