Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chaos Elemental

The Chaos elemental is a level 105 monster located in the deep wilderness of Runescape. It is beyond the members gate and therefore only members can fight it. The main drop that people wish to get from it is the Dragon 2hand Sword.

chaos elemental
Chaos Elemental Statistics:
Combat level: 305
Hitpoints: 350
Weakness: Range

Best Loot in drops:
Dragon 2hand Sword
Dragon Med Helm
Dragon Battleaxe
Baby Dragon Bones (x23)
Rune Arrows (200)
Rune 2hand Sword
Air Runes (500)
Chaos Runes (100)

There are some interesting and varied drops from the Chaos Elemental, although it is located in a dangerous area often frequented by Pkers. The actual fighting can be tricky as well and protection from magic is highly suggested. Also, players should have some space in their inventory as the chaos elemental can unequip you and if you do not have space, your items will be dropped on the ground.

When I went to try and get a good picture I kept getting teleported away, so this is something else players should be aware of and it is better fighting in a small group so that someone is always damaging it.

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Anonymous said...

Inaccurate info.

"Chaos elemental will cause you to drop your items."

That is a false belief by many people. Keeping a full inventory will NOT allow the chaos elemental to take off your armor and your items will NOT be dropped. Therefore keeping a full inventory actually can make this boss a relatively easy kill. I've soloed it at level 90. Only thing to watch out for are revenants as they can pile you (multi-combat area).

I've never done this before, but since it's a multi-combat area, bringing a spirit wolf familiar and a few howl scrolls can actually scare the revenants away for a good few seconds to give you some time to get away from them. I don't know how effective that would be though, the wolf only lasts for 6 minutes and the pouch takes up space and leaves room for the chaos elemental to remove your items after the pouch has been used. Not to mention, a lot of the revenants can just use mage/range attacks from a distance to retaliate.

As for food, bringing curry would be perfect as not only does it heal you, but once eaten, it leaves an empty bowl in your inventory keeping your inventory full.

Also, right clicking on the elemental and hovering over the attack option while in combat would also make killing it much more efficient, as when it teleports you away (8-9 squares) you can just click the attack option and instantly get back into combat.

Combining these few tips and searching the web for some more tricks will actually give you room for that extra kill(s) per trip... making it much easier and faster to get your hands on that prized dragon 2h.